Re: Mill Creek - No Exp

Posted by Ron Paro on Jan 31, 2008

Hi Danielle, I have not built the MC, but have built a Jimmy Skiff from plans. I would discourage anyone from trying to do thier first build without the full size plans. Saving $54 by just buying the building guide is a false economy. Stitch & Glue construction of this type is very dependent on correctly shaped and sized bulkheads to establish the shape of the hull. Without the full size plans, you would need to either have the small drawings scaled up to full size or be on your own in drawing them yourself.

Many very good boats have been built by people with little or no prior experience. Following directions is very important. I would not bother with building a practice hull. The cheap plywood does not cut, plane, or sand in the same way as okoume. I would draw out the lines on the okoume and then start a practice cut and planing on an edge away from the drawn parts, just to get the feel for the tools and materials.

I hope this helps some. - Ron

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