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Posted by LeeG on Feb 2, 2008

the predecessor to the Chesapeake,Cape Charles/Patuxent, instructed one to put two layers of 3" 9oz tape on the interior chines. It wasn't needed then and it's not needed now on the Chesapeakes. Where are you reading about two layers of tape?

Lots of permutation possible. You could use only 3" glass tape and no interior cloth with exterior 6oz cloth, but that would allow waterstaining cracks to develop in the bottom panels in the cockpit and aft compartment.

You could use 3" 9oz glass tape and 6oz cloth in the cockpit giving protection in the cockpit but not the compartments and unecessary glass (15oz,9+6) on the chines in the cockpit.

You could tab and remove wires before filleting/glassing and use only 6oz cloth in the cockpit and compartments on the bottom panel and up the side panel an inch beyond the fillet/chine.

I haven't heard of anyone getting a damaged hull from impacts on the side panels but if one wanted to protect the sides putting glass on the interior up the side panels in the cockpit makes sense.

Basically 18oz(two layers 9oz) tape isn't needed and one layer doesn't fit neatly in the ends anyway compared to a bias cut of 6oz cloth.

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