Re: Copper tubing

Posted by LeeG on Feb 5, 2008

There's no reason. Drill a 3/8" hole , round out the plywood edge. Slather on multiple coats of epoxy slightly thickened with cabosil. Done.

If you truly wanted to add metal then a ss u-bolt or ss ring set into the deck/endpour instead of a through hole would work. That way if you wanted to dump water out by lifting the bow the ss would grind into the sand and not the deck. Half submerged ss rings or u-bolts make easy tie offs on roof racks or tow points.

Hole is easy. I installed small loop of 3/16" vectran through the hole with splice then attached the toggle to that. This keeps the toggle up high instead of dangling down in the water making noise hitting the hull but can still clear the end when pulled. Also provides a strong tow/tie point.

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