Damage Control

Posted by Tom Pustovar on Feb 7, 2008

Finished applying my second coat of epoxy on the hull of my MC 16.5 last night only to have many, what look like microscopic air bubbles/small dimples, show up. They are worse in some areas, and very few in others, but of course there's an uneven finish with the small bumps. I used a natural fiber brush and squeegie to apply. I did try to keep my working of the brush at a minimum, although maybe still too much??? So... What was the reason for this happening and how can I prevent in the future? Now what do I do now---will a very quick sanding take care of this, or will that create a finish problem on subsequent coats? The glass on thes sides aren't completely filled---one more coat will do it, but am wondering about sanding doing damage to the glass that's on top---hoping a very light sanding will quickly take care of the bubbles but haven't tried yet.

The first coat went on so well and looked so good that I was ready to abandon my previous plan of painting and going all natural/varnish. Now I think I may have to go back to painting, which isn't all bad either I guess???

Thanks again in advance for all of your great advice!