Re: Saw horse solutions

Posted by Dave Kennedy on Feb 8, 2008

I think you need at least 3.. unless you build a "Strongback" frame , for the sagging middle.

The cheap plastic ones are often on sale at least here... Don't eliminate them from your choices..... They are quite sturdy, when folded out...

I got four plastic horses for $15 total on sale two years ago.. They seem flimsy, but if you screw or bolt something benchlike ( I used old interior doors ) to the tops of each one, they are ideal.... they stand on a smooth floor firm enough for me to stand on !

I can carry my entire building frame (4 horses, and 16 foot attached "door" bench ) outside to the carport very easily (very light).... they can be easily collapsed, if I need the workshop for something else.... and they were cheap !!!

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