Re: Saw horse gripes/prob

Posted by David Warren on Feb 9, 2008

Those eBay 'horses look fine for the price, but I'd have two concerns: 1. while they might be rated to 100kg, that doesn't necessarily mean they won't wobble and flex like a plastic chair. Making wooden ones isn't that difficult or expensive, and they will be solid, and last your lifetime.

2. The advert doesn't show the dimensions of the items. You might want to confirm the working height, and width across the top members, with the seller (I can imagine that a manufacturer would figure that a few inches shorter/narrower/etc saves material and shipping costs, but it might cost your back or your sanity after a few hours spent bending over. If you are taller/shorter than average (and aren't we all?), a self-made 'horse can be made to exactly fit your preferred dimensions.

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