Sassfrass 14

Posted by Scott on Feb 11, 2008

Hello all,

I am in the midst of building a Sassafras 14 from the instructions in the book. I've been reading on this forum about the errors in the plans in the book. I posted about this awhile back and Robert Hancock nicely provided a corrected plans pdf.

But, I'm still confused and having a problem. I've marked out my planks and printed out a full size template of Plank #1's tip. They don't match! The measurement from station 0 to the end of the tip is listed as 9 1/8 inches, but the full size template is longer. Is this the 1 inch garboard problem I've seen mentioned? I've included a photo of the template and laid out plank tip.

Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated, especially before I cut the plywood! The other planks look okay laid out on the plywood, if anyone knows what other problems to watch out for that would be great too.