Re: Skerry mast.

Posted by john millar on Feb 14, 2008

I wondered the same thing about the square mast, and went ahead and made a tapered mast with the bottom 10" or so fitted into a 10" length of 2" copper pipe. I put a copper 2" coupling in the fore deck that the mast slips into and rotates in, and epoxied a 2" copper cap in the mast step that the mast sits in. I set in a 1/2" carrage (sp?) bolt in the bottom of the mast to allow for better mast rotation. I also passed the 10" copper pipe length wise (rip) on the table saw to remove one kerf thikness out of the circumference to make the pipe a little smaller to rotate in the coupling and cap. I realy like the way it works. There is very little snotter adjustment needed with this set-up.

In Response to: Skerry mast. by Christine DeMerchant on Feb 5, 2008