And the Winner Is......

Posted by CLC on Feb 15, 2008

It was kind of a trick question because my understanding (remember, I'm just a boatbuilder) was that "HT4K" was gibberish made up by the webmaster.

Anyway, we have a tie for the CLC cap. "Camper" gets one because his answer made me laugh the hardest:

"As for the acronym, I did some research, and it actually dates back to the days before precise curing times were known. The old-timers would say that you could add another coat of epoxy without sanding, unless the first coat had reached the stage where it couldn't be easily dented by a sharp piece of dinnerware. This was called the "hard to fork" stage, and later it was abbreviated as "HT4K". "

Techies can fight over whether Ron Paro's explanation is correct, but it sure SOUNDS right, so he gets a cap, too:

""HT4K" is a value found in Public Key servers, and is used as a lightweight deterrant to 'spam-bots'. By making the verification code field required, and naming it 'captcha', most spam-bots will read the form code page, and just keep moving along to find a totally unprotected web form to submit spam.

CAPTCHA stands for �Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart.� "

Ron and Mark, please get in touch so we can send your caps.

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