Marquetry Overlay/Inlay

Posted by Tom Carrigan on Feb 18, 2008

I sent to CLC for 4 Chesapeake Blue Crab Overlay/Inlays for an Interior Boat Table I am making for my Cruiser "Nobile" . I am placing the veneer's over african mahagony as an overlay, and than plan to resin the entire table.

I want to eliminate the wood veneer surrounding the actual crab. It's clever how it's produced; each individual piece of veneer is cut with a hair laser and (probably placed on a thin adhesive paper, and the back is than squeeged with resin). TIP: I have found that if you use a palm sander, and slowly fine sand away the resin backing you can carefully snap out the veneer pieces lifting out the releif detail with exacto knives. The overlay looks like a precision marquetry inlay with finish resin. ThanX CLC for an outstanding crafted veneer product.


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