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Posted by Frankp on Feb 25, 2008

I wouldn't say the NB is unpredictable, but it's twitchy. It takes some getting used to but once you're used to it, you'll rarely find another boat you can't paddle. It will make all others feel like barges in comparison because you get so used to a "light" balance. It's actually quite stable, but feels like you're going to tip at any moment until you get used to the boat. After that you have to try and get it upside down. Well, I have to try, anyway.

It weathercocks horribly, but the skeg definitely makes a big difference there. It does tend to broach in any kind of following wave, but I haven't had it out in anything larger than about 8-12 inches so I don't know how bad it really gets. It gave me a bit of an unexpected thrill, but nothing major (with small waves).

All things being equal, I'd buy the AH or the Shearwater if you're looking for a "low volume" type boat from CLC. They are both better overall designs than the NorthBay, which is a good boat in my opinion, but not quite of the caliber of the other two.

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