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Posted by OOPS on Feb 25, 2008

How much you mix depends on how fast you can apply it. If you haven't glassed anything yet, be conversative. There's nothing wrong with mixing two or more batches when glassing. Beginners typically use too much epoxy on their first glass job (I've been doing it for decades and still spend a lot of time getting excess off). If you get a puddle of epoxy along the keel (looks shiny and deep) spread it out to the sides (if the sides haven't been wet out yet) or sop it up with paper towels or use your squeegie, carefully, to transfer it back to the resin pot. Go back after an hour or so and look for runs: runs means too much epoxy (more weight and less strength). Be careful at the seams/fillets, it's easy to drag the glass away from where you want it by having a heavy hand on the squeegie. Take your time, inside glassing is a little bit harder than the outside of the hull because of the tendency to pull the glass away from filletted areas. Good luck.

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