Wood Duck - no end pour

Posted by Laszlo on Feb 27, 2008

Here's a shot of my Wood Duck 12 with a stem piece in lieu of an end pour. It's made of 4 pieces of scrap wood (an old chunk of 2x4 and a piece of orange crate), very roughly shaped and bedded into a stiff epoxy/woodflour putty. The shot also shows the tacks between the wires which will hold the hull together after the wires are removed and before the seams are taped.

The pros - 3 oz of epoxy instead of 8, the wood only weighs 3.5 oz. Wood is less brittle than epoxy, no dams, no epoxy boil-overs, no standing the boat on end. The wood also provides a larger gluing surface than just a fillet.

The cons - need to hand shape the wood pieces. This is mitigated by using mutiple pieces of wood and by the gap-filling qualities of the putty.

While the endpour method described in the manual works very well and is probably the most reliable for beginners, piecing together a stem requires no special skills or great workmanship and yields a lighter boat.

Submitted for your consideration,