Posted by Ron Paro on Feb 28, 2008

Great response Jon! Very funny indeed.

I really was not mocking LeeG's ROS suggestion, I just couldn't resist thinking like I went to the Tim Allen School of Boat Building and Restoration (TASBBR). I have never used a heat gun, I think that I would probably set my boat on fire, given my, "If some heat is good, then MORE heat would be better." natural thought process.

This leaves me agreeing with LeeG. Half-way through my Jimmy Skiff build, my cheapo single-speed Random Orbital Sander crapped-out. I went to HD and got a variable speed Rigid brand RAS that is a HUGE improvement. Being able to slow it down for more delicate operations is great.

And, no Camper, I am not at all greedy, but I do like the hat!

In Response to: Re: ROS with vac attachme by Jon on Feb 27, 2008