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Posted by Camper on Mar 5, 2008

Good tip. I am going to adapt it to the Sharpie.

Instead of a small figure of acorns and leaves, I thinking full-length panorama, showing many diverse aspects of nature, including animals who have survived various skin diseases, and roads with interesting potholes and tire skid marks.

Amidships, I can visualize a little scene depicting Craters of the Moon National Park in Wyoming, which is one of our family favorites from last year's trip, and will not require much painting beyond what is already there. I probably mentioned it at the time, had half a bucket of epoxy that was just too much to throw away, and was starting to smoke a little, so feeling some time pressure and thinking quickly, I decided to put it to good use as an added layer of protection for that part of the boat, which will get a lot of traffic. It's right under the boom, and when things get dicey underway I tend like many non-professionals to push the tiller the "right way", which as you old sailors know is actually the "wrong way" and causes unscheduled jibes, and that section of the floor is where, oft-times, my head will bounce off of before settling.

To be honest, I had been thinking of a lot of these epoxy and fiberglass "visual cues" in a negative way, as if they somehow indicated a lack of skill on my part. I am seeing them now more as expressions of the unique spontaneity that I bring to the craft.

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