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Posted by Laszlo on Mar 8, 2008

With the economy going down the rathole, I had to justify my continued employment by actually getting some work done, rather than playing with boats. Real shame about needing money.

You know, with only $2,000,000 cash (tax-free, of course) I could permanently retire to a life of genteel boatbuilding. That's less than 1/1000 of a percent of Pablo Escobar's cocaine cartel fortune, less than 4% of what Obama raised last month to get a job that pays $400,000 a year (I know, he'll make it back in volume) and about 5 minutes of the direct costs of the war in Iraq - and I wouldn't addict anyone, try to run their lives or bomb them. Yet they get all that cash and I'm a wage slave. And the price of epoxy's going up. Something's not quite right with the world, if you ask me.

Now where'd I leave my shinto rasp?


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