Re: modifying North bay

Posted by Petewp on Mar 9, 2008

It's a shame the North Bay has these re-design issues as the sheer beauty of the kayak frankly is with out peer in terms of a straight forward S&G kayak. I was at a little kayak gathering by the shore a little ways back. they had some stellar furniture quality kayaks by some very capable people. You couldnt deny it - these were kayaks I would clearly be afraid to paddle!!

Alas hey were strippers and i dont have the time - literaly. When all the kayaks were laying in the sun on the beach though, despite some funky venerrs, inlays etc, there was one that just caught your eye. Its upswept bow and stern and sheer physicality gave the impression to me that THAT's what a kayaks is SUPPOSED to look like. It was the North Bay.

This individual threw a little keel on the end - looked spiffy actually. Looking it over and then its neighbors [often ornate] it was interesting ow plain mahogany done in the right lines could have such a striking profile. Unfortunatley the lines above werent the same as the lines below and hence some people reworking it. Its is a damn shame though. Its kind of like seeing a woman whose an utter knock out, beautiful in a way that seems to encompass all beauty only to find out shes got the personality issue that makes getting along with her a little trying.

If you were to ask me though, the North Bay needs only a revamp. Like the WR180 becoming the WR18. Keep the uppers, just change the lowers.

Lastly, it seems like kayak designers are really nto into revamps. Auto makers do it every year. Better this, that and the other thing. A lot of water has passed under the North Bay bow - how about something that reflects the lessons that the sea has taught.

Its cool actually.


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