Fixing bent bow on C17

Posted by Darren on Mar 12, 2008


I am building the Chesapeake 17 (from plans) and have just finished taping the seams, and gotten to the point of turning it over to sand the hull.

I noticed the stem join between the top two panels (when hull is right way up) have a slight curve to them - so with a straight line from tip of bow to joint with lower panels, the middle curves out about 1/8".

Not very prominent, and I didn't notice it when stitching the panels. As the bend is mainly above the waterline, not prominent, and keel line is straight, I'm not sure if it will affect performance/tracking?

Is it worth cutting down the line (has been taped and well glued but no end pour yet) with a saw, aplying more epoxy, and clamping to a straightedge to correct it? Not sure if wood will bend now it's covered in epoxy on inside?

Or is this going to weaken the bow for little gain in performance?

Bow will be painted so another option is to just sand each side as appropriate to make it straight/flat and apply epoxy to strengthen (will be glassed and supported by end pour so ply thickness should not be critical).

Thoughts from people here who know more than I do (that's all of you!!)?

Thanks, Darren