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Posted by Julie K on Mar 13, 2008

Laurie --

I'd also second what Lazlo said. If you haven't filleted the bulkhead yet, removal is easy. Using a heat gun will soften epoxy (you can even use a hot glue gun -- just don't stick a glue stick in it) and make the job easier.

If you've already filleted, removal is still easy, but will just take longer. Cutting the bulkhead out with your favorite implement of sawing, then using 60 grit sandpaper on a sander to remove the fillet will take care of it. A dremel tool would come in handy, too.

Another (heavier) option would be to just sand off the fillet on the cockpit side of the bulkhead (which is the side that will show) and sandwich the new bulkhead against the old (seal it with epoxy first, then glue it in)

Julie K.

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