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Posted by CLC on Mar 27, 2008

>>>>>>>>im planning on using a chester yawl in the ocean sometimes. how does it handle waves >>>>>>>

The Chester Yawl is fine in waves and surf. It's pretty stable, has a buoyant bow, and tracks well. Looks a bit like a New Jersey beach skiff, actually, the ones they use for surf rescue.

>>>and if tiped over can it be righted in deep water by one person? >>>>>>

An athletic person, yes. The Chester Yawl has a lot of flotation built in, probably around 500lbs of positive buoyancy. In rough conditions, getting back into any small boat is hard---you should practice in calm, shallow, warm water, first, no matter what boat it is.

I think the likelihood that you'll capsize in the first place is really low.

Chester Yawl

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