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Scale Model Kits Scale Model Kits » 
Skerry Scale Model    Wherry Scale Model    Dory Scale Model    Bevin's Skiff Scale Model Kit   

Pro Kits Pro Kits » 
The Guider    Autumn Leaves    Lake Union Swift    Faering Cruiser    Madness Proa    Mbuli Proa    Outrigger Junior    Skerry Raid    Waterlust Sailing Canoe    Whitby Pilot Gig    Rhode Runner Runabout    Wharram Mana 24   

RV Kits RV Kits » 
CLC Teardrop Camper    Assembled Teardrop Camper   

Kayak Kits Kayak Kits » Choose from dozens of kayak designs
Recreational    Performance    Light Touring    Touring    Fishing    Kits for Kids    Surfing    Tandem   

Canoe Kits Canoe Kits » Traditional, double-paddle, and decked canoes
Waterlust Sailing Canoe    Traditional Canoes    Decked Canoes   

Sailboats Sailboats » Lightweight sailboats from 8 to 20 feet.
PT Spear    Lighthouse Tender Peapod    Jimmy Skiff II    Tenderly Dinghy    Northeaster Dory    Southwester Dory    Passagemaker Dinghies    PT Eleven    Eastport Prams    PocketShip    Skerry    Sailing Dinghies    Faering Cruiser    Kayak-Canoe Sailrig    Pacific Proas    Independence R/C Model   

Powerboats Powerboats » New Stitch & Glue Powerboat Designs!
Peeler Skiff    Rhode Runner     Cocktail Class Racer   

Rowing Craft Rowing Craft » Classic pulling boats, sliding seat shells and wherries, and high-capacity dinghies.
Dories    Dinghies    Wherries    Oxford Shell II    Chester Yawl    PT Eleven    Fixed Seat Rowing    Sliding Seat Rowing    Annapolis Wherry Tandem    Expedition Wherry    Annapolis Wherry    Northeaster Dory    Team Dory    Bevin Skiff    Cradle Boat   

Paddleboards & Surfing Paddleboards & Surfing » Paddleboards, stand-up paddleboards, surfboards, and surf kayaks
Stand-Up Paddleboards    Prone Paddleboards    Surf Kayaks    Grain Surfboards   

Development Projects Development Projects » 
Autumn Leaves    Whitby Pilot Gig    Gislinge    NanoShip   

Other Designs Other Designs » 
Trika 540    W17 Trimaran    Gemini & Telstar Centerboards   

Boat Plans Boat Plans » Stitch and Glue and Strip-planked designs - 115 different boats you can build from plans.
Kayak Plans    Canoe Plans    Sailboat Plans    Rowboat Plans    Powerboat Plans    Paddleboard Plans    Downloadable Plans    Stitch & Glue Designs    Strip-Planked Designs    Hybrid Designs   

Strip-Planked Kayaks Strip-Planked Kayaks » Beautiful cedar strip kayaks from a kit or plans
Auks    Petrels    Guillemots    Night Herons    Other Strippers    Microbootleggers    Mill Creek Hybrid    Shearwater Hybrids    Wood Duck Hybrids   

Stitch & Glue Kayaks Stitch & Glue Kayaks » The simplest and most forgiving way to build your own kayak
Chesapeakes    Shearwaters    Wood Ducks    Mill Creeks    Petrel SG    Petrel Play SG    Night Heron SG    Sit On Top Kayak    Arctic Hawk    Matunuck    Pax