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NEW for 2024!  Pre-Kote Plus

One Part Primer and Undercoat

Pre-Kote Plus is a one-part Primer and Undercoat, offering substrate protection and an ultra-smooth surface all in one. For use above the waterline with Interlux one-part finishes and deck paints, Pre-Kote Plus can be applied directly to most substrates, including properly prepared metal. It has lower VOCs, is easier to apply, and has improved flow and aesthetics compared to primers or undercoats alone, making painting easier for DIY customers while providing the perfect foundation for your topcoat.

Product Features and Benefits

Primer and Undercoat Technology All-in-One

• Reduced system complexity for metal substrates

• Delivers a smoother finish with added substrate protection

• Formulated to enhance the aesthetic appearance of Toplac Plus

Ultimate System

• Best-in-class system with Interlux one-part finishes and deck paints on all substrates

• Lower VOCs

• Easy to apply by brush and roller with excellent flow and leveling

• Easier to sand than Pre-Kote, reducing the amount of time required between coats

• Available in White (YUC000) and Blue/Gray (YUC001) to enhance depth of topcoat color

Product Data

Color and code White (YUC000), Blue/Gray (YUC001)
Number of coats 2-4 coats of 4 mils (WFT)
Application method Brush and roller
Typical shelf life 2 years
Substrate Suitable For all substrates
VOC 256 g/lt as supplied
Thinner* 2333N Reducing Solvent, Brushing Liquid 333
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*Thinning is not usually required. Depending upon ambient temperature, application conditions, and personal preferences, Pre-Kote Plus can be thinned up to 10%. If the product is thinned, an additional coat may be required to achieve the film thickness required to protect the substrate.

Interlux Material Safety Data Sheet (Search by product number in chart above)

Attention International Customers: we do not ship this product outside of the US.

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