Boat Cover Accessories

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Boat Cover Accessories

Boat Cover Tie Down Kit- Constructed of heavy-duty 1" black polypropylene webbing and convenient quick-release buckles.  Unlike bungee cords, these durable tie-downs don't stretch, so they won't tear your cover or damage your boat.  Each kit contains twelve 12-foot straps.

Boat Vent II- Vent only.  Protect your investment with this fast and easy-to-install Boat Vent II.  The Boat Vent II can be added to most custom boat covers.  Made with UV-inhibited polymers to withstand the elements.  Prolongs the life of the boat's upholstery by venting the enclosed space of the warm, moist air.  Boat Vent II helps prevents mold, mildew, and bacteria from growing under the boat cover and causing irreversible damage to the boat's interior.  It can be used alone or with most standard 3/4" support poles (below). Installation instructions are included. This vent is standard equipment with some of our custom boat covers. Additional vents can be added for more ventilation when needed.  

Boat Cover Support Pole Kit- Protect your boat cover from dry rot and mildew by using boat cover support poles to prevent water from pooling.  Designed for boat covers with sewn-in or self-adhesive snap patches or Boat Vent II (above).  If the boat cover does not have a snap patch, cover the snap with the included small rubber cap.  Also includes a tip-end extension to give you more options (tip-end extension should ONLY be used if the boat cover has a pre-installed grommet - grommets are not included). Includes one adjustable (22"-70") anodized aluminum support pole w/ snap end, small rubber cap, tip end extension, and simple installation instructions.  Designed for storage use only.