CLC has always had a brisk sideline in custom design, CNC-cutting, fabrication, and repair. In addition to shipping thousands of our own kits each year, we draw on a deep well of design, building, and manufacturing expertise to provide a range of services on custom projects. We've built multihull foils, airplane parts, pickle ball rackets, and even crash-test dummies. 

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Boat Show Office Reception Desk - 2018

If you make it to one of the Annapolis boat shows this October, stop in the new boat show offices at the end of Ego Alley and check out their reception desk. The desk was fabricated here at CLC.

Boat Shows Reception Desk

Custom Reception Desk by Chespeake Light Craft

Custom Work by Chesapeake Light Craft

Boat Shows Reception Desk

Custom Boat Bar - 2018

A custom home builder on the Outer Banks of North Carolina approached us about designing a granite-countertop mahogany "boat" bar for one of their dream homes. The result is rendered below. The client will be cutting the parts from our CNC files.

Custom Boat Bar by Chesapeake Light Craft

Log Canoe Rudder - 2018

This new spruce NACA foil section rudder was precision-milled on our CNC machine for the Chesapeake Bay Log Canoe "Oliver's Gift."

Custom Rudder by Chesapeake Light Craft

Custom Rudder by Chesapeake Light Craft

Custom Rudder by Chesapeake Light Craft

SWATH Tank Test Model - 2001

Among a number of fascinating projects, we CNC-machined molds and components for this 30-foot test hull for a foil-stabilized SWATCH hull. It was designed and built by Maritime Applied Physics Corporation.

Eastport Pram Hull Repair - 2018

This Eastport Pram was crunched while up on davits. Travis is replacing sections of the hull and the front seat to get it back in shape.

Hull Repair at Chesapeake Light Craft

Kaholo SUP Hull & Deck Repair - 2017

This broken Kaholo stand-up paddleboard was restored with a new deck panel section. The customer chose to do their own refinish work.

Custom Powerboat Hatch - 2017

A replacement deck hatch on a 22' Shamrock center console powerboat. We chose a luxurious piece of Premium Sapele Marine Plywood. Using the fiberglass hatch as a template, we cut the new part, fiberglassed both sides, and varnished it. Note the nonskid added to the varnish.

Racing Yacht Keel Fairing Jig - 2017

Working with Farr Yacht Design, we helped develop and fabricate a slot-together kit that can be shipped anywhere in the world to help fair racing keels and bulbs. In this case, we started by cutting a laser-cut model as a test assembly, before cutting the full-scale kit.

J-22 Half-Model Trophies - 2014

Working from authorized J/Boat drawings, we computer-machined, finished, and mounted accurate J-22 half-models for the J-22 North American regatta.

Grand National Hydroplane: 2000

Our contribution to Thom Heins's Grand National Hydroplane campaign included CAD lofting services and CNC cutting of parts for "Miss MAS." Successful on the race course, "Miss MAS" was powered with a 900+ horsepower NASCAR engine and was capable of speeds approaching 200mph.

RC Flying Wing - 2017

This 84-inch flying wing was designed by aviation buff John C. Harris, laser-cut here at CLC, and assembled by John.

Custom Sailing Skiff: 2001

We designed and built this 13-foot centerboard sailing skiff for a private client to keep at his home on Martha's Vineyard.

41-foot Ketch: 2008-2010

Rob Ladd designed this 41-foot cold-molded ketch, which was built in a suburban Maryland back yard. We handled CNC-cutting of the mold and componentry for the interior and deck, as well as supplying materials.

Faering Cruiser - 2013

Working to an unusual commission from a private client, we designed and built this 22'6" rowing-sailing boat for solo coastal cruising.


"Nordic Wilderness Cruiser" - 2018

A client looking for a larger version of the "Faering Cruiser" commissioned this study for a 27-footer, which has yet to be built.

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