The Integrated Cargo Carrier is a new bolt-on accessory for the CLC Teardrop Camper

The ICC increases storage capacity to a cavernous 23 cubic feet (0.66m3) - comparable to a contemporary hatchback - while adding only 9" of height to the complete package. The cargo volume is divided into five flexible storage compartments so you can organize and stow your gear as you see fit. It's an easy retrofit if you already have a Teardrop Camper, or you can build it alongside your Teardrop Camper project.

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Select the "Integrated Cargo Carrier - Complete Kit" option from the Alternative Configurations section of the camper page, as shown: 

CLC designer Dillon Majoros created this great animation showing how the Cargo Carrier works.

Two locking side doors flank the forward sides of the ICC, just under the doors of the Teardrop Camper, so you can access gear quickly when you're getting in or out.  At the rear of the ICC are two sliding drawers, each with four removable dividers.  Since they're right under the galley compartment of the camper, these are the obvious places to stow provisions and cooking supplies.  Less obvious, perhaps, is the function of the open back to the drawers:  Remove the dividers and the entire length of the side compartment can swallow oversized gear.  Drop in a surfboard, guitar, folding table; you name it.  

The centerline compartment runs the entire length of the ICC. It's accessible through a locking rear door nestled between the two sliding drawers.  At nearly 85" (2160mm) long, it's a perfect place to stow a pop-up tent, skis and poles, oars, fishing rods, tripods, or anything else long and skinny. 

An ultralight folding step-stool nests atop the drawer dividers in either of the side drawers.  Deploy the step if you need a touch more height to access the galley, or use it as an ottoman while you're hanging around the campfire.

The ICC features the same rugged marine plywood, epoxy, and fiberglass construction as the CLC Teardrop, and it's waterproof at 70mph in a rainstorm on the highway.

Optional gray nonskid padded liner kit show in above photos can be found here.

The ICC is much more than "just a box".  It fits harmoniously with the proportions of the Teardrop Camper: you'll only know it's a separate unit because you built it!  And in the same way the Teardrop appears so much more voluminous on the inside than out, you'll be amazed by the quantity of gear you can organize and stow - in lockable compartments - for your next adventure.

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