If I buy a kit, what else will I need?

Chesapeake Light Craft kits contain all the parts and materials you need to build the boat; pre-cut parts, hardware, epoxy, fiberglass, plans and instructions -- it's all in the kit. Seats, hatches, bulkheads, footbraces, and deckrigging are included in the standard kayak kits.

About the only thing kits don't include is the final finish: paint or varnish.  (We don't know what kind of color scheme you have in mind!)

You'll need a few ordinary tools, like a cordless drill, a decent 5-inch sander, and for most boats a wood plane.  You'll need disposables such as sandpaper and paint brushes and mixing cups.

You need a workspace a couple of feet bigger all the way around than the boat you want to build, and you'll need to be able to maintain temperatures between about 55 degrees F and 95 degrees F during steps when epoxy is being applied or curing.  Since a lot of boatbuilding gets done during winter, we've written up some tips on how to heat a cold space cheaply, easily, and safely.