What is LapStitch Construction?

After more than 15 years of development, the evolution of LapStitch™ has reached the stage where we can render complex lapstrake hull shapes in complete confidence without "strongback" molds.  Chesapeake Light Craft can design and build for you LapStitch™ hulls of any shape or size.  

Chester Yawl Whitehall Boat Kit

The Faering Cruiser is an example of a successful custom design/build project at Chesapeake Light Craft, using LapStitch™ to create an elegant, strong hull while minimizing build time.  On person assembled the hull in about a day-and-a-half!

CLC Faering Cruiser

This custom design, for a 32-foot, six-oared rowing gig demonstrates the level of complexity that can be achieved using 
LapStitch™ without a complex building jig.

Six-Oared Gig by Chesapeake Light Craft