Do I need a special shop to build a CLC boat?

CLC boats have been built in basements, recreation rooms, on the decks of larger boats, on the sidewalk in front of a town house, and in carports. They've even been built in high-rise apartments and lowered out the window on a rope. The primary requirement is a space that's reasonably warm. Marine epoxies of ALL brands work best at room temperature and become difficult to work with at temperatures below 55 degrees F. It's not hard to heat up your space, though: Click for complete details on how to do that cheaply and easily.

As far as space goes, you need a space that's at least a couple of feet wider all around than the boat you're building.

The epoxy we use has very little odor and is not flammable, so that's not a problem.  Marine paints and varnishes are pretty smelly so you'll need to think about that if you're in a tight space.