Fiberglass tape weight

Posted by Darren on Jan 21, 2008


I am about to start stitching and epoxying together the hull of my first build, a C17.

So next step is to get fiberglass tape and do the the instructions it calls for 6oz or 9oz tape. I have a couple of meters of 15oz fiberglass lying around at home (about 7' x 3' sheet) which I was going to cut up to use as tape (saving me a little money).

Is the 15oz strips going to be much heavier/stiffer than 6oz or 9oz? Is this practical to use - I'm not aiming for a super-light boat, but I'm not sure if this will in turn need more epoxy to wet it out, or what the effect will be.

My first foray into fiberglassing so all new to me :-)

Thanks for any assistance/advice.

Regards, Darren Melbourne, Australia