Re: Fiberglass tape weigh

Posted by LeeG on Jan 22, 2008

Darren, it depends on what your total glassing schedule is going to be. If you weren't going to glass anything except the interior joints and you were using heavy 5mm plywood then sure, 2" strips of 15oz cloth cut on the bias would work,,although you'd have to have a very sharp cutting wheel to keep it from unraveling. Not sure if straight cut strips would go over the inside corners well in that weight.

But if you're using 4mm plywood and intending on glassing the exterior with 6oz and want to maximise durability with minimal cost/weight there's no reason you need to double interior 6oz cloth with 9oz tape on the chines. 15oz cloth(9oztape+6ozcloth) over the fillets puts material where it's superfluous. You could take care of the interior joints with 6oz cloth and strips and fillets.

Cut 2" strips of 6oz on the bias and set them aside. Glass the interior bottom panels about 2" up the side panels over the 3/4" wide fillets. Do that in the cockpit and in the compartments. In the compartments you could stop the bottom panel glass where the panel is about 5" wide leaving the 2" strips of bias cut 6oz to carry the joint.

3" 9oz tape works well covering wires left in the construction but if you take them out and make neat defined fillets where the panels meet at an angle requiring them 6oz cloth will be strong enough.

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