West River MAX LOAD qstns

Posted by Petewp on Jan 23, 2008

Hi guys,

Ive got my sailrig MKII virtually completed for my WR180 - not to be confused with the WR18. As I recall, and correct me if Im wrong, max load for the 180 was 350lbs. For the WR18 its 270lbs. Well I added up all the camping gear weight plus the extra heft Ive factored into the kayak and rig [its just my way]plus my fat body and I total out at 350lbs virtually on the nose.

Wow - whats that mean? How low will I be in the water now? If I go a pound over am i a submarine? Is this a number based on performance envelope or am I truly nearly underwater?

Thanks all for your help. Incidentaly - How many inches or millimeters will i be from the sheer of the deck meeting the sides? Does every inch carry a given weight of payload that I can gauge on my kayak?

Thanks people!!!