MC 16.5

Posted by Tom Pustovar on Jan 31, 2008

I'm getting ready to put the deck on my MC 16.5, but would appreciate advice on what's best to apply, if anything, over the fiberglass on the inside of the boat for protection purpose? Varnish (if so, would you recommend just going with CLC's varnish?), paint (this is not my first choice, I think I'd prefer the wood look)or just leave it as it is? If the recommendation is to apply a protective coating of some sort, I presume it is best to apply over the entire inside of the kayak, not just the cockpit area? And I presume it's best to apply before I put the deck on?

I did what most are recommending, and that is applied glass tape in the bulkhead areas and 4 oz glass and two coats of apoxy in the cockpit area. Thanks in advance.