Re: Mill Creek - No Exp

Posted by Danielle on Feb 1, 2008

Hi everyone - thanks!

I am holding off building while I save up. The build from scratch is to satisfy my "I built it" urge.

Funny thing - I said I was reading Devlin's S&G book, but I am reading Chris's S&G which is how I found the Mill Creek. I think Devlin's book was the first that I bought a couple of years ago, but I don't know where it is, so I may have only bought this one. Weird ;-)

Thanks for the offers of help everyone! I am sure I will need it! I may yet break down and buy the kit, or just buy the plywood from CLC or something like that.

Do you all think the MC 16.5 is the right boat given what I am describing or should I build the Peace Canoe and then pick a higher performance single boat for me later?

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