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Posted by Ian Colledge on Feb 2, 2008


Like David, my first build, (a Chesapeake 16), was from the instructions in the New Kayak Shop (an excellent book). I didn't buy a kit as I wanted to say I'd "built it" rather than "assembled it". Not buying the plans was another challenge which made the whole job more interesting.(It is not necessarily a good idea)

Here in Australia there are a lot of amateur boat builders who happily come out of their sheds and garages to share their knowledge. If you search this site you will probably find others in your area who have built wooden boats and will do the same. I also found this builders forum to be very helpful. There is a lot of good advise here.

I am now learning to paddle. If it proves to be half as interesting and exciting as building, then I'll be happy. At present I'm enjoying exploring the Pumicestone Passage at Caloundra. It is a lovely waterway.


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