Re: Mill Creek - No Exp

Posted by David Warren on Feb 1, 2008

I built my Sass 16 from scratch, using the 'offsets' in the Canoe Shop book. It was fun getting it all right, and there is an undeniable sense of pride that I 'lofted', cut and planed the panels myself. That said, it took an awfully long time really, involved a lot of faffing around, and probably cost as much (maybe more) than getting a kit.

I guess it worked for me, because my purpose was mostly to build a boat, not so much to own or paddle a boat. I use it regularly, of course, but my primary interest is in idling in my boatshop, with a pencil behind my ear, shavings curling off a hunk of tool steel, and Billie Holiday in the air.

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