Re: Cockpit Modifications

Posted by LeeG on Feb 3, 2008

For a 31" cockpit opening with enough room behind the backband to maneuver long legged persons will not have enough room to get in/out without feet/knees leading going in and butt leading coming out.

That said you should round over the inside edge of the coaming and underside edge of the cockpit opening generously.

Regarding the deck beam, you could cut it down and round it over substantially without any structural worries. The 24mm coaming stack and glass deck provide tremendous strength. For reference the Arctic Hawk has a 18mm coaming stack and no deck beam. One could make a Chesapeake using the deck beam as a temporary forming element and gain an 1" of knee room.

Doesn't the manual mention the need to round off the deckbeam? It's especially needed in the LT series.

In Response to: Cockpit Modifications by David on Feb 2, 2008