Re: MESSY end-pour

Posted by Paul Gow on Feb 17, 2008

I have to wade in here because I had a lot of excitement when I did my first end pour on my MC 16.5. No problem with the dams. Used cardboard and clear tape and everything held. However, WATCH HOW MUCH YOU POUR. I mixed three batches before I had the bow full. What I did not do w3as let each batch cook off before adding the next. So, as I poured the last one, right up to the top, the first started to cook. I had Mount Vesuvius right there in my shop. Luckily everything was well masked so I just got some nice epoxy puddles on cardboard on the floor. Kept skimming off the top as it all grew and once it cooled all was fine. Did the stern one batch at a time with no troubles. Good luck.

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