Re: MESSY end-pour

Posted by Chris J. on Feb 17, 2008

Randy....once you have your cardboard dam cut out to closely fit the area of the end pour, completely encase the cardboard in clear packing tape and hot glue a wood stir stick to the top to use as a handle to pull out the dam once the pour is complete.

After that, fit the dam into the hull and hold it in place with some tape outside the pour area. Mix up some epoxy to fillet thickness and use a wooden spoon to place a fillet around the inside edges of the dam against the hull. The spoon will allow you to get into the tight space. Let the fillet cure a few hours then do your pour in thirds so it does not boil over. This method takes a bit more time but the results are clean with no leaks every time.


In Response to: MESSY end-pour by Randy on Feb 17, 2008