Re: Sheer clamps on hybri

Posted by Dave Houser on Feb 21, 2008

Bulheads serve two purposes. First to help form the hull panels to the correct angles with respect to each other and second to create water tight floatation compartments. They are not structural unless used in lieu of installing foot braces (and bulk heads in kits are sized to be located far forward ot accomodate the longest of legs). Assuming the deck is still off, use masking tape on the cocpit side to create a dam flat with the face of the bulkhead then thickened-epoxy fillet the compartment side. Next day remove the tape. Filleting the cockpit side as a separate operation after the fist side has a firm set/cure makes a much neater job.

In Response to: Sheer clamps on hybrid by Paul Hadavas on Feb 21, 2008