Re: Rudder or skeg

Posted by Camper on Feb 25, 2008

I maybe should have said that a vertical skeg has less drag than a horizontal skeg "of the same effectiveness", rather than "of the same area."

I should have added that this is just what I think. I'm not a boat designer.

Note: if your goal is to set a speed record in a boat that doesn't need to be transported, and is always in deep clear water, then low drag is of paramount importance. In that case, a deep narrow skeg (what designers would call a "high aspect ratio" skeg) is a great idea (I think).

In every other possible way, it's a terrible idea. Including these favorite kayaking activities: cartopping, accidental dropping, carrying, launching, beaching, getting hit broadside by a wave whilst not moving forward, hitting rocks, and collecting weeds.

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