epoxy concerns

Posted by Michael Hussin on Mar 1, 2008

Hello! I'm new to this forum and new to boat(kit) building. i have a CLC 17L. Just mixed up my first epoxy. is it supposed to turn yellow ,mustard color or is that just a thing in the DVD? I mixed it up anyway,it was a milky color, got it thick enough,I believe, and put it on the first four hulls panels-the bottom ones. Then clamped and weighted it down, etc. Recently read that one shouldn't clamp TOO tightly! what exactly does that mean? i clamped them tight...though the stern portion just has weights on it. i may be overthinking/worrying about this...any input would be appreciated. Also what does one do with the remainder of epoxy left in my quart container and the chip brushes? Can one reuse the quart container with old epoxy in it? Seems like a lot of plastic waste. thanks for getting back!