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Posted by LeeG on Mar 5, 2008

Have you talked to Bill Whitcomb or at

This fellow, Curtis?, built his kayak around the same time I did and went a different direction using the NB as a starting point, as you can see he went through two versions.

I am pretty sure you are not going to get an optimum design for wind/waves modifying the Northbay plans compared to simply getting the Night Heron s&g plans or other plans. Maybe if you're 125lbs and you can afford to work within the existing panel dimensions reducing the volume as you rework the design.

1. you need more volume in the bow, you won't get it pulling the bottom panels into more rocker while retaining very fine ends.

2. you need more flare in the side panels at the bow besides a bit more rocker as that is what keeps the bow from becoming a buried skeg for the stern to pivot around. The pre-glued sheerclamps prevent that from happening.

3. were you to stick with the pre-glued sheer clamps you need more freeboard at the bow which eliminates the one piece bent deck, wich is ok as most popular s&g designs developed without computers for the deck are that way, like the Arctic Hawk, the '94s&g kayak from SeaKayaker,etc. But more importantly you want some rocker in the entire hull AND more reserve volume in the ends AND a differnt shape entry in the bow. I don't think you're going to get that just from cutting the center panels of the original NB design.

I went through this process after building a NB in '99 using it in one season while I was teaching seakayaking. Shortly thereafter I made my own interpretation working with a former CLC draftsman/production manager Jay Hockenberry.

If you have to modify a design right off the bat there's something wrong with it to begin with and you're better off finding a design that works. The free plans from the '94 SeaKayaker magazine is a tested design, Nick Schades Night Heron is a tested design.

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