Re: San O, crux point....

Posted by James Abell on Mar 7, 2008

Hi I still am at the crux point-

a- It has taken a while to even out the tops of the sheer clamps so the spirit level is touching the height of the side panels on each side to give an accurate mesaurement and also get the bulkheads just right.

b- Mixture of woodflour, if I have the West system dispnensing pumps, say one squirt of the hardner/one of the epoxy, what ratio of woodflour goes into that, ie how many say teaspoons?

c- I know it says you only need to measure the spirit level at two points, I have gone up and down the board at different areas, I find the front stern slightly squint and off. I also think that the instructions to make Vs in foam is not good enough unless meadurments were given to make them, as surely they could be the wrong angle etc. Do you recomend using the two wood plank method on each side? If so how will the middle vs be supported, with a bit of foam?

I am paranoid about this stage and want to get it right because if not the board will not be good for paddling.

Any more help/guidance would be great thanks.

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