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Posted by George K on Mar 7, 2008


If you use the method I did you don't have to worry about supporting the middle of the board. The bulkheads are going to keep the bottom shape as they're wired to the bottom at the keel. The two points are just to make sure there isn't any twist in the hull. This can also be done by placing two straight sticks (about 4 feet long works well) across the hull at those two places and sighting down the hull. When the sticks line up the boat is fair. This is known as winding and I've built several boats that way. They track fine. Any small variences in the sheer clamp height can be worked out after the hull is glued up and thereby stiffer.

It'shard to say how many teaspoons of wood flour to use! Mix the epoxy and hardener thuroughly and then add a bit of flour. Stir it up and keep adding small amounts until you get the peanut butter consistency. Not really that hard to find the right mix and it's not that critical, just make sure it's stiff enough to hold it's shape but not so thick you can't get it to smooth out.

Hope this helps. Enjoy the build!

George K

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