Re: Wood duck deck

Posted by Laszlo on Mar 9, 2008

Leaving the forms in will create a gap in the tape, as Ralph notes. This will reduce the lengthwise strength of the joint, unless you span the gap with tape that overlaps at least 2 inches on either side. But that costs weight, effort, and epoxy over doing it as the manual says.

Also, the forms provide spanwise support for the shape, the fillets and tape provide lengthwise support. So even if you tape it first, once you take the forms out the deck will still tend to flatten. That's why page 43 in the 2.2 version of the manual shows the deck being "persuaded" back into its original shape with wires, pliers and a screwdriver.

Once it's re-attached to the hull, the hull's resistance will keep the deck properly shaped (and vice versa).


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