Re: Planing MC16 shear cl

Posted by CLC on Mar 10, 2008

>>>>>>>The MillCreek and other kits didn't used to have planing guides. They're an aid for planing, not a guide for construction. The plywood bends to fit the sheerclamp. It used to be you'd use the underside of the deck beam as a planing guide. >>>>>>>>>

Um, that's never been true, Lee Gardner.

>>>>>>I have just finished planing the shear clamps to the arc of the guides and all went well.My concern is with the carlins.If I place a staight edge on the angle of the shear clamp,it projects way over the carlins.With the guide at the forward hanging knee, the carlin is about 1 inch below it. The space does get smaller as it moves toward the rear bulkhead. How does this all pan out when the deck is applied? >>>>>>>

In the space between the forward bulkhead and the first hanging knee, the deck will transition to flat between sheerclamp and hanging knee. Then it transitions again to a very slight radius as it approaches the rear deck.

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