Re: Build under way...

Posted by Joe M on Mar 14, 2008 depends how you look at it. For the first visit you have to scroll back to the bottom of the first page and follow it through to the latest post. Not a big dfeal to do the first time.

If you are watching a blog in progress, if it was the other way, you would have to scroll and search every time/visit just to see if there is a new post and pic, something people would soon tire from doing and give up in short order.

This way, when you visit the page, the latest post is right there in front of you, which is what you would be going to see, and maybe scroll down to a post or 2 you may have missed. This, instead of going back and down 3 or 4 or even more pages searching for something new without knowing if something new is there to see, really is the better way even though it seems backwards at first.

Thanks for the kind words about the build though. I am trying to do a good job the first time around and the next build will turn out even better.

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