looks good

Posted by LeeG on Mar 15, 2008

Very satisfying looking construction.

Not sure how the hatch swivels are done but I found that putting on thin washers made out of 6mil plastic(very heavy drop cloth) between the swivel and deck made for smooth actuation and a snug fit without grinding varnish/varnish. They're only about 1/2" around. I've heard some folks talk about loosely fitted swivels opening right up during rescue practice. The plastic washer makes for a snug fit that doesn't stick.

I can't tell from the photo if the underside edge of the hatch lip is rounded off but it makes for fewers sharp edges for hands and dry bags to tear on when reaching in and being pulled out. Few things worse than finding sharp epoxied edges when you have to grab something where you can't see it.

In Response to: Re: Build under way... by Joe M on Mar 14, 2008