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Posted by Julie K on Mar 16, 2008

The purpose of varnish is to protect the epoxy from the degredation that UV exposure causes...which means that the parts of the boat which will never see the light of day don't need to be varnished.

Sanding, however, is another story.

I just finished sanding the interior of the duck to feather the edges of the glass and to take off the selvage edge on the tape (I had some work-related issues that prevented me from scraping the tape edge while the glass was still in the green stage, but it really doesn't take that long to sand.) Now that I have everything sanded smooth, I'll apply a final thin coat of epoxy to the interior.

Do take some time with a sander to make the rough places smooth. Your fingers and any dry bags that you will ever stick in there will thank you later. As you suspect, it will be much easier to do this before you "marry" the deck and hull. You'll know you're done sanding when it's reached the point where you are willing to run your fingers over all the surfaces with your eyes closed without any fear of drawing blood.

Julie K "sanding is a spiritual discipline"

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