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Posted by Laszlo on Mar 17, 2008

What Julie said and then some. Anything you do now is just a matter of bending over and reaching into the hull. Once you get the lid on, it's a contortionist act and your standard tools may not fit and it's dark, hot, noisy and dusty to boot.

I'm doing everything that I'm planning on doing inside the hull (except installing the seat) now before the deck goes on. That's lining the interior with glass (I'm lining the whole thing, not just the seating area), filling the weave in the sitting area, all the sanding and installing the no-hole footbrace studs. Once that deck goes on, I won't have to do anything that I can't easily reach from the cockpit and hatch opening.

On a side note, before you start adding the deck, use packing tape and polyethylene dropcloth material to mask off all the areas of the hull that shouldn't get epoxy on them. It's a lot easier to reach in to pull off tape than it is to reach in to sand.


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